Saturday, August 9, 2008

A lesson in table manners.

Ella has very bad manners when it comes to dinner time.

She shoves food in her mouth, swipes it off of her tray, screams and sometimes she poops and/or farts.

Here she is shoving a peach into her face hole and just hoping she catches some of it. Please note the peach juice caked into her hair. My life would be so much easier if I would just give her a hot dog and be done with this whole non-choking healthy food thing that I am on.

Here she is again this time her prey is blackberries...the poor things never had a chance!

I guess its a good thing that she is so much fun to be around...well when she isn't taking a flying leap off of the sofa. *Note bruise on cheek* Or pinching her own face until it bleeds *note scratch on face*. I am scared to take her in public, people will surly thing I beat the kid!


AngelOfDevs said...

This post had me giggling. A good lusty eater, smelly but she is cute enough to make up for it. Ella is a girl after my own heart.

Lady Nimue said...

Aw, Ella is so adorable! And don't worry, Damian loves nothing more than a good, mid-meal bowel movement. Hey, with those little tummies they have to make room somehow!

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