Monday, July 21, 2008


Well Ella finally learned her first "sign" thanks to "Daddy" she now knows how to shake her head NO. While she doesn't really use it in context she does do it on command which is pretty scary. I told Dave he would regret teaching her that in about 12 years, maybe sooner if we are lucky.


It has been so hot here that I have been keeping Ella in just a diaper while we are at home. But sometimes I get creative if it is too breezy outside for her to get in her little pool. While you may think "Why not just put her in the tub?" my answer to that is...well I had surgery about a week ago and my "bits" are a little to tender so sitting on the hard toilet while she plays in the bath is a bit uncomfy. And when I say uncomfy I mean that it feels as if I am sitting on a red hot poker. Not pleasant. Thus I bring you..the bucket. Bailey also likes this arrangement since she is a connoisseur of used bath water and thinks that the baby gives it a nice hint of oak.


AngelOfDevs said...

My thought is girls who always say no never have any good fun! I make it a habit to say yes.

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