Monday, November 24, 2008

Sling Sale and Giveaway

Owner and creator of 2nd womb slings is holding a giveaway from her blog! Go and check her out, she is an inspiration and makes gorgeous slings.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I never have time to update this thing so I thought I would at least post some new pictures for the families to see. Enjoy!

Waiting in the car for the thrift store to open!

Starting to feel better...after she threw all her toys around.

Open floor plans make for creative baby proofing...Until the baby outsmarts the parents. She crawled right over the the gate then laid down and went to sleep!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Now that I am a mother there are certain things that I notice more because they are amazing to Ella. Things that sadly I haven't done in YEARS or maybe ever. The other day we were out at the park playing around and I knew the ice cream man would be coming by soon (Don't judge me, its the best ice cream I have ever tasted) so I got Ella out of the swing and decided to let her play around in the grass while we were waiting for him. Ella has never just been in the grass, she has always had a blanket under her so it was a whole new game. Here is what happened. ;)

And my favorite....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Best for baby

Apparently I am the worst type of mother there is. A crunchy mother that doesn't stuff her kid full of sugar and processed foods. One that chooses to cloth diaper even though disposables would be easier than scrubbing blackberry poop off of diapers. One that has done enough reading to know that rear facing is safest for my child's car seat and I'll be damned if I will turn her around if KNOW it is safer. A parent who takes her kid to the park, pool or just to sit in the grass in the sun. Your damn right I might be overprotective and try and keep her from being hurt. She is going to get hurt, that isn't something I can help. But the times that I CAN keep her from having to go through that then I am going to do it.

I mean how could I NOT protect her?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A lesson in table manners.

Ella has very bad manners when it comes to dinner time.

She shoves food in her mouth, swipes it off of her tray, screams and sometimes she poops and/or farts.

Here she is shoving a peach into her face hole and just hoping she catches some of it. Please note the peach juice caked into her hair. My life would be so much easier if I would just give her a hot dog and be done with this whole non-choking healthy food thing that I am on.

Here she is again this time her prey is blackberries...the poor things never had a chance!

I guess its a good thing that she is so much fun to be around...well when she isn't taking a flying leap off of the sofa. *Note bruise on cheek* Or pinching her own face until it bleeds *note scratch on face*. I am scared to take her in public, people will surly thing I beat the kid!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Well Ella finally learned her first "sign" thanks to "Daddy" she now knows how to shake her head NO. While she doesn't really use it in context she does do it on command which is pretty scary. I told Dave he would regret teaching her that in about 12 years, maybe sooner if we are lucky.


It has been so hot here that I have been keeping Ella in just a diaper while we are at home. But sometimes I get creative if it is too breezy outside for her to get in her little pool. While you may think "Why not just put her in the tub?" my answer to that is...well I had surgery about a week ago and my "bits" are a little to tender so sitting on the hard toilet while she plays in the bath is a bit uncomfy. And when I say uncomfy I mean that it feels as if I am sitting on a red hot poker. Not pleasant. Thus I bring you..the bucket. Bailey also likes this arrangement since she is a connoisseur of used bath water and thinks that the baby gives it a nice hint of oak.

Monday, June 30, 2008


Some great freebies for the crunchy people like me :D

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