Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Best for baby

Apparently I am the worst type of mother there is. A crunchy mother that doesn't stuff her kid full of sugar and processed foods. One that chooses to cloth diaper even though disposables would be easier than scrubbing blackberry poop off of diapers. One that has done enough reading to know that rear facing is safest for my child's car seat and I'll be damned if I will turn her around if KNOW it is safer. A parent who takes her kid to the park, pool or just to sit in the grass in the sun. Your damn right I might be overprotective and try and keep her from being hurt. She is going to get hurt, that isn't something I can help. But the times that I CAN keep her from having to go through that then I am going to do it.

I mean how could I NOT protect her?


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